So apparently the band Sponge was playing at that beer festival I was at, and not only did I not know about it, but we left in the middle of it.

I feel like I’ve let caffeineanddrizzle down.

Before I saw my name I was already disappointed. :C
Helmet, Local H, and Filter are coming to Florida next week and I think I’m gonna miss it too. 

I was just telling someone that as we were leaving, I’m hearing this glacially slow cover of “Plowed”. I was thinking (mostly inebriated) “Man, if this band can’t play it at full speed, perhaps they shouldn’t play it and leave it to Sponge.”


If the NFL and Stephen A. Smith stuff has got you down, this should help. A host on WEEI called Erin Andrews a gutless bitch, then gave a half-assed apology. Fox responded by pulling all of their advertising from every Entercom station. $1.2 million/year.